The benefits of massage are numerous: stress reduction, pain relief, recovery from injury, or just to relax the body and mind. Various techniques at a pressure of your choosing (light, moderate, firm, or deep) are utilized to address sore and tight tissues to alleviate tension and/or pain as a result of physical activity, stress, injury, or just day to day work. Whether it is a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Sports massage you are looking for, your body will feel more relaxed, mobile, and rejuvenated.  
ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats issues with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. This technique is perfect for acute conditions such as strains or muscle spasms, chronic conditions such as low back pain and headaches, problems with decreased range of motion, and areas not getting enough oxygen. Basically, if you have pain due to injury, poor posture, overuse syndromes, this is the technique for you. This is ideal if you are an athlete, need quick relief from pain or discomfort, or you are just not getting the results from your current health provider. 
Unlike traditional cupping, functional cupping combines negative pressure technology with movement science evidence-based principles in orthopedics and sports medicine. Although still using a cup, focus is on the efficiency of motion with fascial mobility and neuromuscular re-education. This modality is only taught to qualified health care providers.
IASTM is a manual therapy modality utilizing patented stainless steel instruments to enhance healing and improve function. These instruments communicate and detect soft tissue adhesions and restrictions, resulting in decreased pain, increased range of motion, and enhanced performance.
Also known as Kinesiology taping, this specialized taping technique is used for pain relief, structural support, and/or postural correction so you can move properly and pain free. It differs from other traditional tapes because it can stretch, it is water proof, breathable, and can be worn for up to four days. RockTape is great if you need added support during the day, need to continue your athletic activity, cue the body to fire the correct muscles, or increase the space under the skin to reduce pain and/or swelling. Plus, it just looks cool. 
SFMA is a series of 7 full-body movement tests designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement such as bending and squatting in persons with known musculoskeletal pain. The tests can provide valuable insight that may explain dysfunction and/or pain due to core instability or joint/soft tissue restrictions. 
Pregnancy massage requires advanced training to help the expectant mother. Proper positioning, support, and knowledge of precautions and contraindications are vital to providing a relaxing and beneficial massage. Low back pain, stress, sciatica, swelling, and any other structural changes that accompany the childbearing year will benefit from a trained pregnancy massage therapist.